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A Perfect Gift - Hyatt Hotel, San Diego - Harbour Lights Co. - Cast of 6
An audience of 500 enjoyed this delightful and original production written by Joni Wilson. The story centered around a gift shop and the interaction between a customer and a sales clerk. As the customer's interest in light houses grew, and the sales person explained the history of famous US sights, the scenes came to life. The events include both drama and comedy. Charlie Chaplin made an appearance as a light house keeper preparing for a government inspection.

100 Hundred Years Of Music - Hotel Del Coronado - Cast of   7 and a 15 piece orchestra
600 people were treated to songs and dances from American music history by a highly energetic and talented company of entertainers. This program received the audience's most welcome approval.

The Audition - Sheraton Hotel, La Jolla - Cast of 4 and a 15 piece orchestra
A forties style program. The show opens with a great jazz singer performing for an audience of 500, when she is rudely interrupted by Carmen Miranda. Carmen insists on doing the audition she was sent to do. The band leader gives in. There is a lot of comic interplay between the two women and a dueling duet. The show ended with Carmen leading the audience in a conga line. Fun for all!

USS Cusk Reunion - Holiday Hotel, Old Town, San Diego - Cast of 6
This show was a tribute to the 1940's war effort and the USO shows that provided for the servicemen and women of that era. The play started with the arrival of USO troopers at the sight. There is a little comic tension among the cast, as Betty Grumble, Carmen Miranda, Groucho Marks and Shirley Dimple arrive after a long flight. The show-within-the-show started with the National Anthem sung by Shirley Dimple. Carmen and Betty sang and involved the audience with sincere and comic interaction. Groucho did his usual comic act and played "The You Bet Your Life Show" " The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen " The audience took a trip down memory lane and loved it.

Star-A-Likes - Del Mar Fair - Cast of 14
The audience was spellbound for an hour's entertainment by a smorgasbord of some of the most favorite and famous impersonators. Ed Sullivan introduced this large cast of characters which included such stars as: Madonna, Michael Jackson, Dolly Parton and many more.