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Rosemarie’s love of theatre has been life long.  There has always been some connection to stage presentation since the age of 3.  Her love of theatre brought her to study and receive her BA, after raising a family. As a parent she volunteered as a story teller, and assisted in many programs in the school system.  

She is an advocate for a smoke free world, and volunteers for the American Cancer Society. She has a great love and joy for life.                                                                                                                                                                               

Artistic Director of Imagination Express All-Aboard


Mime and dance teacher for San Diego State Foundation for six years


Mime and dance teacher San Diego Junior Theatre.


Attained BA in Drama from SDSU, 1991.


Master Mime with Bill Virchis at Southwestern College.


Attained AA in Theatre from Southwestern 1988.


Entertainer Reasume

Rosemarie is a multi-talented actor/entertainer/impersonator/mime/teacher.At the age of five she danced (for a local dance company) in The Nutcracker, with the New York Ballet, and that was probably the beginning of her love of theatre. As with many actors she has been involved in many aspects of the theatre: directing, costume design, makeup design, choreography, teaching, and writing. In the past few years she has specialized in impersonations and mime. As an entertainer she has donned a myriad of characters and costumes for major corporations and private events. She enjoys her opportunities to be creative no matter what the venue. She sees herself being more involved in Mime. That is her passion. Would also enjoy more TV and film work in the future and looks forward to many new creative experiences. Some of her accomplishments are listed on this page.


The intention of this company is to educate children on the importance of body movement and self expression. The goal is to affect as many children as possible. The company has been together since 1997, and has worked at several children's and arts festivals all over Southern California. They are presently giving performances and work shops through the San Diego School System. The members of the company are dedicated to keeping mime a recognized art form. The players also enjoy entertaining the big kids at parties, corporate events, and street fairs. The spontaneous standing ovation given by 220 children at a recent workshop lets the company know that they are on the right track.

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